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5 Reasons Why Two Dogs Are Better Than One

5 Reasons Why Two Dogs Are Better Than One

Companionship. We often forget dogs are pack animals. And most breeds prefer to be around other dogs. Everyone knows a bored dog is a mischievous dog. A second dog will keep both of your furry friends occupied when you’re elsewhere. Plus, mutual companionship with your two pups helps with their separation anxiety.

Training is easier. Young dogs will imitate the actions of older dogs. Your puppy will look to his senior for guidance.

Lower Cost. Two dogs can share toys, beds, grooming products, water bowls, larger bags of food, and treats.

Safer for you and your furry family members. Two dogs protecting the home are better than one. Also, when you have two pups, they will take care of each other. If one dog gets injured, the other can inform her owner. Dogs provide excellent support for each other in high-stress situations.

Better for you. Two dogs playing around will put you in a joyful spirit. Imagine two dogs licking your face, on a walk, or laying on a couch watching a movie. It is so magical!