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8 Easy & Fun Ways To Play With Your Dogs Indoors

8 Easy & Fun Ways To Play With Your Dogs Indoors

Summer is ending, and wet and winter times are upon us. Nothing compares to a fun day in the sun with our furry friend. Yet, just because it’s dull outside, doesn’t mean the interactions with your pet should follow suit.

A bored dog gets into trouble. Without proper stimulation and activities throughout the day, your dog will occupy their time in other ways. Whether that’s barking, uncovering a shoe, or getting in the trash.

To avoid these issues, here are eight easy ways to play with dogs indoors.

  • Tug-A-War
  • Hide & Seek
  • Indoor Obstacle Course. You can use a box with two open ends for crawling/ a chair for running underneath or jumping/ a hula hoop for jumping through.
  • Search and find the treat.
  • Teach them the name of their toys. Most dogs can learn up to 200 words, you can put that to work with their most favorite thing- toys. Begin with one toy and start using a name for it. Dogs put a value on their toys once they identify a name with it. By repeating the name while playing with it, they’ll pick up on the name you’re using.
  • Stairway Dash
  • Teach Your Dog To Clean Up Toys
  • Teach Your Dog a New Trick